Signs of Depression of Sandwich Generation & 3 Prevention Methods

The most unexpected news of late may have been Coco Lee’s death from despair. The goddess’s departure represents the strain we are under right now.

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Where Does the Pressure Come From?

Our lives are not easy at all, as evidenced by concepts like the “career rainbow” in career theory and the phrase “sandwich generation” in developmental psychology.

The term “sandwich generation” describes a group of middle-aged people who must balance job and domestic duties while taking care of their aging parents and young children. The once-vibrant “career rainbow” is frequently obscured in the workplace. Numerous people lead busy lives that include raising children and parents, working, going to school, joining social or religious groups, and attempting to rest or exercise.

The career rainbow becomes less brilliant in this setting. Managing multiple responsibilities in life places a great deal of strain on people. Under such pressure, a tiny error might cause serious problems at work. My emergency staff support plan will be implemented right away in such circumstances!

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Pressure is Everywhere

Everyone understands that a million is a million, but do you really know how much stress you are under? When you’re unhappy or feeling stuck, do you recognize it?

A number of life transitions, including divorce, losing a loved one, facing financial challenges, falling ill, or moving or changing careers or schools, can cause stress. It frequently results in transient stress, which requires modifying one’s way of life to stabilize. This is similar to tossing a stone into a pail of water; it makes ripples at first, but eventually calms down.

First, Acknowledge the Pressure to Address It

What to do when life is stressing you out? Thankfully, businesses now view their workforces as valuable assets, and HR rules provide employees who are feeling a little stuck with greater flexibility and strategic help.

Therefore, you may be approaching your limit when you begin to feel uneasy, things don’t look right, and anger sets in! To manage immediate symptoms, get medical attention first. You need to approach obstacles in your life, career, and family with composure and emotional stability!

Three Groups of Stress Symptoms

Nine stress symptoms can be divided into three types:

Emotional Symptoms

Suicidal thoughts, low mood, boredom, exhaustion, self-blame, and trouble focusing—in general, feeling uncomfortable, worn out, and depressed!

Physical Symptoms

Slow physical movement, altered eating and sleeping habits (bad appetite, poor sleep)

Pain Symptoms

The body can react to stress by experiencing pain from head to toe! Digestive symptoms (such as constipation or irritable bowel syndrome) could also be present. However, keep in mind that if an elderly person exhibits pain symptoms, it’s not always because they’re being difficult or unhappy; occasionally, physiological causes such leg muscle tension or degradation of the knee joint are to blame! Physiological factors must be checked out in order to diagnose depression-related pain!

Preventing Depression

Learn to See the World Positively

If someone talks too much, for instance, and it irritates you, it could be a sign of anxiety or an attempt to steer clear of trouble later in life! Try to maintain objectivity at least if you find it difficult to see the bright side of things. Don’t always perceive everything as bad and wear dark glasses!

Golden Notebook: Gratitude Journal

Jot down anything lovely that occurs in your life, for example: “The clothes dried quickly today and the sun is shining!” There’s even a new ice cream flavor today!” Removing the “depressive shades” and learning to see things objectively or favorably are the goals of this technique. You’ll come to appreciate the beauty of life day by day, week by week, and month by month.

Red Notebook: Self-Created Happiness Diary

Make things yourself if you are genuinely too busy, hectic, and unable to discover any beauty in life! Who said happiness couldn’t be created? It doesn’t need to be sought after. Drink something sweet, take a bath, stand outside in the fresh air, get enough rest, or speak to God when you’re feeling down. All of these things are beneficial! The technique isn’t limited as long as it works!


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